Things on the list that I finished or dropped

Here’s a partial list of stuff I’ve accomplished.

*October 14th 2013

The following habits have been removed from the main page since I’m no longer focusing on them:

7. Launch and run a newsletter [link]

I started and am growing 1-Read-A-Day, my newsletter for busy entrepreneurs where, each day, I pick one great startup article and summarize it for readers.

I hit 100 email lessons in January 2014, and will probably decrease the frequency with which I update the newsletter.

I am writing regular posts on what I learned running 1-Read-A-Day. To date, they’ve been published every month, but I’m switching to a bi-monthly schedule. So far:

2. Reach native fluency in Mandarin [link]

I made good progress (at one point, I could have passed, probably just, the HSK 6), but paused this habit because it requires at least 45 minutes to one hour each day to maintain my Chinese fluency and once I moved back to the States, this was hard to do.

6. Learn to program awesome web and mobile apps [link]

I took General Assembly’s WDI for 3 weeks, and quit. Continued self-learning for a few weeks, but motivation petered. What to do next?

7. Regularly update resources on How To Live Forever [link]

I’m obsessed with improving my diet and lifestyle to live longer…hopefully forever. Pretty please?

Here’s a curated list of resources (eg, videos, Quora, blogs).

Here is 1000 ways to live forever, a silly Tumblr site I started where I’ll post 1000 practical ways for you to extend your life! **This has not been updated for months**

*March 17th 2013: I’ve decided to stop updating this page because I’d like to focus on regular, ongoing habits rather than short-term one-offs.


  • Started writing in a journal (almost) everyday – sometimes it’s just a few sentences
  • Finished a LOT of books, including: SPARK, Good Without God, The Blue Zones, Language Intelligence, The Big Miss (ok, I really od-ed on books)
  • Spent time exploring a new city, Los Angeles (at least, first time living there). Took a surfing lesson which was awesome!


  • Launched 100 startup reads we love for Hyperink
  • Went to the Rose Bowl (technically a January thing…was awesome)
  • Spent a few hours playing Assassin’s Creed 2 but ultimately dropped it (see below)


  • Created a list of the products/websites/media that I use and like. See here. Will update monthly
  • Got my HSC certification and bought a gun. Blog post coming. More work than I imagined (it required a painful trip to the DMV ughhhhh), and now I need to become good at using it. Shooting range, anyone? :)


Dropped or postponed

Take a drawing and/or painting class
I hated drawing classes as a kid – probably because I wanted to spend my summer playing NBA Jam instead. But I now realize the value (just like my current attempt to reboot my piano skills). My goal here is to be able to draw recognizable human faces and figures. One particularly helpful book: Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. I plan to take a few group classes as well

Play a popular video game
Thinking Assassin’s Creed 2 for starters. The storyline and concept really appeal to me – who doesn’t want to be a badass assassin in 15th century Italy?? **Update: I’ve spent a few hours playing it. It’s fun, but these days, I just can’t get excited about video games. Too much “serious” stuff (for better or worse) on my mind.