The Startup Textbook journey continues…

Despite writing 100 email lessons and compiling seven 101s, the content iceberg continues to grow.

Curation is needed more than ever, especially when paired with summaries, but I haven’t found the right business model.

Regardless, this has been a fun endeavor, and I’ve found a sustainable process for now: I send a weekly Startup Notes (here’s an example), bulleted notes on ~10 great articles that I recently read (usually from well-known entrepreneurs or investors). Early feedback is encouraging and taking notes helps reinforce my own learning.

Other updates:

  • I now have a Startup Textbook PDF – all 100 email lessons in an easy-to-read PDF and google doc. Sent to anyone who donates via Venmo or Paypal (and thanks if you’ve already done so!)
  • If you haven’t noticed, startup notes and resources are published on a separate website, as distinct from these here ramblings. The newest 101 is on Startup Culture with 18 great links from Keith Rabois, Sam Altman, David Hornik and more

For now, I’ll continue sending weekly Startup Notes, because they’re fun to write. And if you’re subscribed to the 1-Read-A-Day newsletter, you’ll continue receiving email lessons on a drip. But I’m not sure how long the party will last, unless I find a partner or a second wind.

Thanks for following along. I’m open to suggestions and feedback and appreciate your time — it’s the most valuable possession that you, in theory, completely control.

Aside: for those who enjoy curated summaries, check out Jason Calacanis’s new app

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