The Accidental Billionaire: Part 4

Below is an excerpt from a novella I’m writing. Here are parts one, two, three. I am publishing about a scene a week, and will eventually release a pdf or ebook.

The story is about someone who wins a billion dollar lottery, and how their life changes as a result.


Deedee walked into the convenience store. The humid and heavy evening air was instantly replaced by the starchy air-conditioned cold. She headed straight to the counter.

“Evening Dee,” the clerk said. A paunchy man in his early 50s, his shoulders and neck sagged after a long shift.

“Hey Bill,” Deedee replied. “Long day?”

“They seem to be gettin that way.”

“Well, I got some money here for Powerball tickets,” she said. She took out Donald’s stack of $20 bills from her purse and spread them on the counter.

“Ok, ok! Business is good, I guess?” He shook his head and began to count the money. “Seems like half the town’s come in to play today.”

She smiled. “It’s Donald’s money.”

“Did he have any numbers in mind? What numbers would you like, hun?”

“You can have the machine pick. No preferences.”

“Sure thing. Let me see that pretty ID of yours.”

Deedee handed over her driver’s license.

Two minutes later, Bill slid a small stack of tickets and a receipt toward Deedee. “Here ya go. That’s 40 tickets right there. I can’t understand why y’all play, but then again.” He looked around his store. “Maybe that’s why I’ll still be here.”

“Shoot! Wait, I’m sorry Bill. Can I get my birthday numbers for one of the tickets? I’m so sorry.”

Bill let out a long sigh. He looked at the computer screen, hit a button, and shook his head. “I’m sorry Dee. The machine already picked your numbers. You can’t get refunds on the Powerball, I’m afraid.”

“Ok,” she sighed. “I’ll buy one more ticket then?” She said. Digging around in her purse, she pulled out $10.

“One and eleven? Sure. I’m sorry about that, hun.” He printed out another ticket and slide the stack toward her. “You want a bag for that?” He softly chuckled.

She smiled as she slid everything on the counter into her purse. A call was coming in from Jackson. She answered as she walked to the door.

“Dee! Wait!”

She turned around. Bill was waving her ID and a $5 bill in the air.

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