The Accidental Billionaire: Part 2

Here’s the first part. I plan to publish a scene or two every week. I might combine the below two scenes, since the first one is so short…


Deedee arrived late to the office, hungover from the three bottles of wine they somehow finished last night. Cassie slept over until morning and might still be at her apartment. Sandy finally got an Uber around 2am, because her boyfriend wouldn’t stop calling.

Deedee walked briskly to her desk. Donald, her boss and the company president, was already inside his office. His feet were propped on his oversized mahogany desk, the conference phone on speaker. His door was open, so she could hear him as he talked about charts and sales figures and new policies.

She could feel his eyes follow her as she sat down and turned on her old desktop computer. She surveyed their spacious but low ceilinged office space. The two sales guys were on their headsets. Their designer was focused on her huge monitor. The customer support team was the busiest this morning, and she locked eyes with Joao, who gave her a quick wink and smile.

Donald called through his door. “Deedee. Do you have my slides ready?”

She swiveled around in her chair. “For the Kraft meeting?”

“No, the investor pitch.”

“Oh. I…”

“I sent you an email. Need some updates.”

She nodded and began to stand up. Though she wasn’t sure why.

“One more,” he said, lowering his voice slightly but loud enough for those sitting nearby to hear. “It’s almost 10. You should have been here this morning to take notes.”


Joao ordered a lemonade and a meatball sandwich and took his number back to their table.

“I’m not hungry,” Deedee said, rubbing her stomach.

He looked at her. “It’s almost one. You’re usually starving by now.”

“I had a muffin earlier.”

“What is wrong with you, girl. Too much fun last night?” Joao grinned.

“The girls were over pretty late, I guess. We drank a buncha wine.”

“Where was my invite?” Joao asked. “You know I love hanging with y’all.” He paused but Deedee didn’t reply. “Anyway, is Donald on his time of the month? That man is not having a good morning. He gets so pissy sometimes.”

“I think he just has too many meetings. And I guess he’s meeting investors now, too, so,” she said.

“Before you got in, Arthur was in his office and they were having like a shouting match. At 9am. Arthur looked like he might quit.”

A waiter came over with Joao’s order on a tray. Joao grabbed his sandwich and stared thoughtfully at it before putting it down. “Oh, you gotta check this out.” He showed her his phone screen.

It was the Powerball ticker. The jackpot: $2,552,812,170.

Deedee blinked hard. “Two billion dollars? Is that right?” She’s mentally counting the digits.

“Try two and a half. It’s gonna be three soon. People are saying it could reach five. Five. Billion. Dollars!” Joao made a weird noise like the combination of a gurgle and screech.

“A billion. I just can’t believe you can win that much money. I mean, the only dream I have is to buy a Birkin bag.”

“Honey, you could buy a whole goddamn store of Birkin bags!” His loud cackle caused nearby customers to look over. “But knowing you, you’d just get more cats.”

“Shut up!” She tried to reach over and slap him.

“Anyhoo, if I won, I’d just take that money and throw a never-ending party.” Joao’s mind began to dream. “An orgy with small mountains of coke. Hotties everywhere. A vodka luge, twinks, goo dancers, the whole works,” he said loudly. Now more people were staring at them.

She covered her eyes in embarrassment.

“So, let’s buy tickets?” He asked after a long silence.

“I think I already am.”

“With the hubby?”

“No, the girls. And he isn’t my husband, stop calling him that!”

“Well, I’m your work husband. And he’s your weed smoking house husband.”

“You’re really on a roll.”

“Only cause you didn’t invite me last night. But anyway, moving on. I have an idea: let’s get the office to play. Let’s do a pool. We can kill an afternoon on it.”

Deedee checked her phone. “Well, he is out for meetings.”

They looked at each other and, as one, stood up and gathered their things.

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