Daily Habits Checklist (October 30th – November 26): “Write in a trance, act in a trance”

If you look only at the scores – an average of 58% – it may not seem like the past 4 weeks were good. But they were.

One reason for the lower scores is a lot of travel (a long weekend in Hualien, 5 days in Osaka). Another reason is the winter weather that has hit Taipei: wet and cold and I got sick. But on healthy days, and on days I’m here in the city, my energy and focus are good and there is always room to improve but I’m counting my blessings.

Hope everyone’s doing well and having a good holiday season. Here’s to a strong end for 2017 and a great beginning to 2018!

Write in a trance, act in a trance – Mike Birbiglia

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