Programming adventures, week 5: Rails Tutorial, Skorks blog

I put in even less time this week (~1 hour/week). I’m optimistic that once life settles down, I’ll have more hours.

Did dabble in a little CSS/Wordpress PHP templating for Startup Textbook. Infinitely more interesting when it’s your own project.

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2 chapters of Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial – slowed down a bit by upgrade process (to Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0, from 1.9.3 and 3.2, respectively). Learned how to implement Twitter Bootstrap, SASS (a more scalable/efficient way to use CSS), and beginning to build user auth/login

1 chapter of Eloquent Javascript


Only new one is the Skorks blog by Alan Skorkin. Love his writing style, honesty, and focus on beginner Ruby topics.

Some favorite posts:

If you’re learning too (or already know your stuff), please reach out! Always looking to discover more tips & tools & tricks.

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