Programming adventures, week 4

Rails Tutorial by Michael HartlSo I recently stopped taking General Assembly’s WDI. Explanation requires a separate post, which won’t happen, but I plan to continue investing ~2 programming hours/day, and may attend another bootcamp in the future. We shall see.

For previous updates on GA, see week 1, week 2, and week 3.

That said, here’s what I’ve continued to self-learn. At this point, I’m sharing weekly activity mostly for accountability’s sake, and to have a more-polished record of progress made (or unmade :).


  • 4 chapters of Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial – hands-down the best Rails training book I’ve used; Michael does an excellent job teaching you Rails fundamentals while explaining – to an appropriate level of detail – the nuance and theory behind the framework and its co-dependent relative (father?) Ruby
  • 3 chapters of Eloquent Javascript – not as well-written or efficient as Rails Tutorial, but the in-browser console + exercises is a nice touch and its free :)
  • Some CodeAcademy modules including most of Javascript, Ruby, and jQuery


  • Fun jQuery exercises (created by a Japanese programmer, hence the spotty grammar) – quickly got too advanced for me, though
  • Ruby Koans – rec’d by Hartl but have yet to do

If you’re learning too (or already know your stuff), please reach out! Always looking to discover more tips & tools & tricks.

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