Programming adventures, week 3

Shortened week due to July 4th.


  • DOM (Document Object Model) – concept of nodes, parents, siblings, children
  • WebKit – how it works in the browser, features
  • Rails for Zombies – fun course on Code School
    • CRUD (create, read, update, delete/destroy)
  • Rails – beginning concepts
  • Javascript
    • for and while loops
    • using w/ HTML
  • jQuery – John Resig is crazy impressive; like SQL for a webpage :)
  • Ajax


  • Eloquent Javascript – great JS practice, with in-browser exercises
  • Foundation – like Bootstrap, a beautiful frontend framework
  • How to install Node.js
  • Rails Tutorial – Michael Hartl’s AWESOME video+PDF tutorial
  • Refcardz – solid, free cheatsheets for topics like jQuery, Ajax, Git

If you’re learning to program (or already know your shit), please reach out! Always looking to discover more tips & tools & tricks/learn how others are doing it.

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