November “performance review”: What did I do well? What did I suck at? How will December be better?

Here’s what happened in November. Sharing will help with accountability and as a way to improve in December.

What I did well:

1. Seeing a new city every month. Went to Boston, Atlanta (for Big Nerd Ranch), and Austin (childhood friend’s wedding). None were new cities but I won’t be too strict here :) I enjoy flying so much that just being on an airplane is good enough

2. Programming. Took a Python course at Big Nerd Ranch, which was a great experience. Also completed several intro Django tutorials. Finally, I helped (=observed) Matt and team implement new Hyperink features, in particular author reporting and Survata (survey-wall for free content)

3. How To Live Forever. Published V1 to Hyperink and Kindle, and started using Scrivener (which has been AWESOME for managing the manuscripts and research). I also read Fantastic Voyage, a great life extension book by Ray Kurzweil. Finally, I’ve stepped up my consumption of various supplements (eg, vitamins, minerals) and made tweaks to my diet (eg, +flaxseeds, +veggies, +tea, -carbs, -sugars).

4. It’s live, which is a nice first step :) Wrote a few posts on things like Evernote and my Tokyo trip, and began adding details to each list item

5. Created a business card that I like

6. Entered The New Yorker cartoon caption contest several times (still no finalists!)

Didn’t do well (and how I’ll fix in December):

In general, I’m doing too many different things. To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, I need to increase my “teeth to tail ratio”. I also need to be more goal-oriented (focus on outcomes, not activities). Specifically:

  • Programming: would love to own a useful Hyperink feature. In December, I’m taking the lead on adding recommended products to all book product pages. Then comes Android!
  • How To Live Forever: need a dedicated site to promote its content and concepts. Will do this next month
  • In general, document more thoughts and progress on this site. Expect me to post more frequently and find the right ways to promote on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for reading! As always, would love to hear what you guys are doing, what’s working and what’s not, and particularly if there’s any overlap with what I’m doing. Cheers.


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