My Daily Habits Checklist (September 5 – September 18)

Daily Habits Checklist September 5 - September 18

The first week was great. Anything above 80% is a win. The second week was ok save for Monday. I was some combination of hungover and sick and lazy on Monday and essentially took the day off. I might have accomplished a few things, but I chose to penalize myself and not color any of the cells.

Speaking of which, I’ve switched to colored cells! Thanks to Janet for the suggestion. Apparently it’s what Seinfeld does to write jokes. He colors a calendar box every day that he writes, and his goal is to not “break the chain”.

The colored cells are more pleasing and fun. Feels more like a game. And sometimes a change is good just for change’s sake.

Other updates:

  • this month’s Giving Habit went to GiveDirectly, which specializes in cash transfers to the poor
  • a new habit to practice guitar for 30 minutes each day
  • the back and neck exercises were combined into a habit called “stretching”

My morning routine feels solid, but I’d like to improve my evening routine. It’s pretty haphazard. I brush my teeth and floss and read books including my “personal bible“, but there’s no order to the activities, little regularity, and a lot of room to experiment, to optimize.

A friend inspired me to start journaling in the evenings. I’d like to make that a habit, a short review of the day and some free-thinking. Another small but useful habit would be to choose tomorrow’s outfit. (nothing fancy, I’m no Pharrell here, but doing this step would save me a few minutes of groggy morning indecision)

That’s it folks. Thanks for reading! Here’s an explanation of how and why I track my daily habits.

What habits do you monitor? Which habits would you like to develop? Email me anytime.

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