My Daily Habits Checklist (August 22 – September 4)

Daily Habits Checklist August 22 - September 4

Not a great two weeks. Didn’t hit 80% in either week, which is my benchmark. This will happen after an awesome week like I had in Shanghai. Mentally I seem to slip, allow myself to relax. Travel doesn’t help – I flew back from Shanghai to Taipei in the first week, and visited Japan with friends in the second week. But these are worthwhile tradeoffs.

Writing was poor and inconsistent. But the pushups have been steady and great. I’m glad I started that habit. And I’m finding a rhythm with singing, even starting to enjoy the daily warmups. With meditation I’m now trying the Headspace app and liking it! But undecided on whether to pay for the monthly subscription when the free service ends.

For the Giving Habit, I wound up donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Instead of splitting up the money, which is a bit of a hassle, I’m going to donate the full amount to a new organization every month. The EFF fights for online privacy and accepts bitcoin, two causes that I fully support.

Otherwise, nothing much to report. On to future weeks!

Here’s an explanation of what I’m doing.

What habits do you monitor? Which habits would you like to develop? Email me anytime.

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