June: Articles + highlights

10 amazing articles I read in June. Biased towards quality, not freshness, so my apologies if you’ve seen some already:

  • 15-min vid of Spielberg film themes and techniques – my notes
  • Georgia Tech + Udacity rolling out 3-year, $7K online CS masters program. Big names, big changes in higher ed!
  • Wealthy young entrepreneur learns that the key to fulfillment is owning less (including a 420sf apt), not more
  • Well-known entrepreneur gets into zen meditation to find that inner peace :)
  • I hate (most) email newsletters. Here are a few that Matt Haughey (MetaFilter founder) likes. For me: Sinocism, Hacker Newsletter
  • Behind-the-scenes @ Tumblr with Instapaper creator and early employee Marco Armenti. Props to David Karp and his team
  • The best time to start a startup was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. Or something like that. Here’s Sam Shank, HotelTonight cofounder, on missing the Uber opportunity
  • I realize now that postponing a decision is tantamount to making a bad decision. Suster makes a strong case.
  • Dave McClure – he of the bombastically awesome blog posts and slide decks – is ALL IN on consumer internet. I am too
  • Gotta admire Chinese resourcefulness. Then there’s this wonderful pic by James Fallows

80+% of the articles I read are in my public Ever-notebook (including highlights).

What awesome stuff have you read? I’m interested in just about anything under the sun, so please share!

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