I want you to have my dollar

In technology-land, we’ve come to expect great customer service.

Service that makes you say, “Here, take it. I want you to have my dollar.”

Stripe sends handwritten thank-you notes. Uber credited me $5 for a bad ride. On every visit, Apple’s cheerful blue-shirt army greets me without fail.

So why is most real-world customer service still shit?

3 experiences last week made me think, “I’m only paying you because I have to. I hate that I’m giving you my money.”

Then there’s my recent car buying experience. Car dealerships are the epitome of shitty customer service. Someone can’t solve this time-wasting, stress-inducing cluster-f soon enough.

I went to 6 dealers and met 6 salesmen. I negotiated with 4 of them. In such negotiations, the dealer knows more than you do. They know it, you know it.

But why do they ALWAYS wield that knowledge like a weapon? Why do they need to prove that they alone are masters of the car-salesman-lingo universe? Why do they want to make you – their customer – feel dumb?

And finally, why do they need to make things feel like a fight?

Do they really want my dollar? Because they act like they’d rather fight me – the car-buying idiot – for it.

There was one guy, though, we’ll call him Fred. Fred shared his knowledge and helped educate me. When we started negotiating terms, he didn’t put on his boxing gloves and start to duck-and-weave. Fred made me think, “I want you, Fred, to have my dollar.”

He got my business.

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