GA Programming Bootcamp: Week 2

Markus explaining classes and instancesPreviously:


  • Energy management is essential. I’m usually good about getting 6-7 hours of sleep per night, but the focus required to effectively program for 8 hours a day leaves you mentally exhausted. Appreciate our Hyperink (and shopkick) engineers even more :)
  • There are exponential returns. The people who “get it” are jumping farther and farther ahead. The people who struggle are finding it harder and harder to keep up. Only natural with such diverse backgrounds and commitment levels. Another challenge for GA and our instructors
  • We’re starting to (be able to) build stuff we want. Week 3-4 we’ll work on an individually defined project. Excited to launch my vision of a curated “Startup Textbook”. More details later :)
  • The harder the topic, the more I talk to myself. Not sure if classmates notice yet but like some guy on TV once said, “it’s ok as long as you’re not answering”


  • SQL and SQLite3: database structures, writing queries (command line and w/in Ruby), database schemas. I like SQL. Fun article on SQL joins
  • JSON: making API calls, reading & parsing JSON files
  • Sinatra: a simple framework for Ruby web apps
  • Ruby: more on hashes, classes, instances, arrays, loops, all the fun Ruby stuff. Better understanding case statements (an alternate approach to If…Elsif…)
  • CRUD (create, read, update, delete) and REST
  • NETWORKING (!): routers, HTTP, DNS, etc etc etc. Really enjoy this topic and slowly working through Network Know-How. I like getting to the core “why?” and “how?” of things, and networks are those critical but little-understood things that make the Internet hum. It’s also highly memorization and detail-driven, 2 things I suck at
  • Git/Github: critical if you want to work at a startup or “hot” tech co; git and github are how code gets written, tested, shared, and deployed. Pain in the ass at first – one of the many reasons why programming has a high (perceived?) barrier-to-entry
  • More CSS/HTML
  • RSpec: Ruby gem and framework for writing and using tests, test-driven development

Tools, links

And another shoutout for the free and awesome Bastard’s Book of Ruby.

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