David DeAngelo’s 77 Laws of Success (and 13 that I bolded)

David DeAngelo is a well-known dating guru who was at the forefront of the recent pickup artist (PUA) craze.

He has this program called 77 laws of success with women & dating which I heard about from a friend, and so being a huge fan of life advice lists, I did some Googling and found an (almost) complete set of David’s 77 laws. So with special thanks to ebookee.com and its anonymous contributor, here are the ones I found bold-worthy.

4. Evict your inner Wussy

8. Failure is a made up thing, don’t apply meaning to failure

10. Evolve constantly and consciously – always seek the next level

14. Stop giving approval to get it

19. Travel – if you’re not regularly leaving your bubble you are limiting yourself

24. Never whine or complain

30. Prove to yourself over and over that you can cope with “rejection”

34. Develop your awareness – notice everything you see

36. Become unbelievably honest and direct when you need to

57. Learn how to tell an interesting story about anything

66. Engage her emotions and her body, not so much her mind

68. Convince yourself that what is going to happen is going to be unbelievably fun and convince her of it

72. Always have 3 female friends around you who are similar to the ones you’d like to meet

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