Daily Habits Checklist: March 21-27

Daily Habits Checklist March 21-27

  • another so-so week (right now, a good week feels like 70 or above)
  • again, I’ve been trying a lot of new habits, like doing a set of pushups that equal my age each morning. those habits aren’t included in this main checklist, but they require time and energy. i plan to add them here if they prove sticky and valuable for a month or longer
  • an ongoing realization: WHEN to do something is just as important as WHAT to do. for example, while it’s better to meditate than to skip it entirely, 10 minutes of morning meditation is far more valuable than spending the same 10 minutes in the evening

Overall, habits tracking has been valuable. I catch myself thinking, several times a day, I should go for a run because then I can check it off the list. Even though it costs time and energy and overhead to setup and update the checklist, the behaviors it helps me build and ingrain are valuable and I’ll keep doing it for now.

I may add and remove habits on a regular basis, though. For example, I’m questioning the value of a daily cold shower: a recent episode of How Stuff Works was very skeptical of cryotherapy and cold therapy in general, arguing that while cold exposure can reduce inflammation, research shows that inflammation is actually a healthy bodily response. I may remove that habit and re-assess in a few months.

Here’s why I started. And here was my performance last week.

Thanks for reading! What are your habits? How do you track them? I’d love to hear from you.

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