Daily Habits Checklist (December 12 – 25)

Happy holidays everyone! I’m gaining weight for sure. Too much good food. And lots of travel. Which probably explains the subpar weeks. But tracking is even more important when my performance is poor, even though the temptation can be to skip it. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed me sharing their own checklists and habits and systems. It means a lot and I’m learning every time!

I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions for 2016 – for the first time in a decade – but it wound up being a good year. I won’t make any for 2017, either. Just increasingly skeptical about the value of setting yearly goals. Would rather emphasis habits and priorities instead – priorities being some mixture of your values and long-term (ie, 5 to 10 year) goals.

Here’s an explanation of how and why I track my daily habits. And here’s a starter template if you’d like to create your own. You can download it in Excel, PDF, etc.

What habits do you monitor? Which habits would you like to develop? Email me anytime.

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