Daily Habits Checklist: April 25-May 8

Daily Habits Checklist - April 25-May 8

The above table shows my performance for the last two weeks. If you’re not clear on what I’m doing, start here.

My goal is 80% each week. I’m getting stuck around 60-70%. There are two reasons why. Only one is easy to fix.

Reason 1: Usually, I start the week strong. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I’m doing very well. I wake up early, exercise, write, meditate, sing, and so on. By Thursday things start to slip, and this only worsens on Friday and then through the weekend. Perhaps my willpower is drained by being so checklist and task-oriented. But more importantly, I believe, the problem is socializing and drinking. As the weekday ends, I see my friends and we drink and party. I start to care less about work and “performance”. And my hangovers are the worst. On those days I don’t do nothing. An obvious solution would be to drink less…but it’s hard to do. Especially in a manic city like New York. And being in a relationship can help, but I shouldn’t expect a girlfriend to fix the problem for me…

Reason 2: There are habits not listed here that I enjoy doing, and believe are helpful, but I haven’t included them in the “main list”. Yet mentally, I treat them no differently. For example, one habit is a quick post-lunch nap. This seems to boost my afternoon energy and productivity, and I always enjoy them when I can make them happen. I end up tracking the habit and spending the time and energy and willpower to complete them, but don’t share them here. The solution here is easier: just simplify the checklist and list all of the habits, or stop tracking them. Take a stand, either way.

Having said this, the two anchor habits that make everything else possible are: WAKE UP EARLY and GO FOR A RUN. It doesn’t matter what habits I add or remove or edit. If I do these two things, I can be assured of a reasonably productive day. Wake up before 8am. Run for 30 minutes. And life will be great :) (wish everything were this simple!)

Thanks for reading and following along. The habits tracking has been helpful. I’ll continue to share my checklist, muse on my performance, iterate and tweak the items.

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What are your habits? How do you measure your life performance? I’d love to hear from you.

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