5 great articles – John McEnroe, Scott Weiss, Chris Dixon, Dr. Drew and The People’s Premier

Every article I read through the browser is shared via Clearly and a public Evernote notebook.

Since I doubt anybody checks it (on a regular basis, anyway), I wanted to step up the frequency of sharing interesting links, like what Seth Roberts and Tyler Cowan do with their Assorted Links.

Here are 5 recent articles I enjoyed:

  • Old article and my site may get blacklisted in China as a result, but former China Premier Wen Jiabao’s extended family is worth $2B. Hats off to NYT on great investigative reporting and ohhh, China
  • Beautifully written article on the tension between the pursuit of perfection and the management of one’s emotions featuring America’s favorite mercurial tennis player John McEnroe. I actually thought this famous outburst was overrated
  • 2 great posts from a16z’s Scott Weiss (former IronPort CEO and cofounder) on underlooked aspects of being the CEO: the need for tough feedback on a personal and board level. I really enjoy Scott’s ability to write in an upbeat tone while sharing much-needed truths
  • Chris Dixon with yet another short but thought-provoking piece on the macro-trend of digital content atomization. I’d add that, in such an environment, curation and synthesis become even more important (yes, that’s a self-serving remark :)
  • I’ve been hearing the word “grit” a lot lately. First from Dr. Drew and now popping up everywhere. As a predictor of career success, it’s the “new IQ” among the social science crowd

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