2012 Year In Review

By 3 methods may we learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; third, by experience, which is the most bitter – Confucius

Blogging is a combination of all 3. Writing a post requires you to reflect on the topic and its details; in the process, you consciously and subconsciously imitate other writers; you gain hard-earned experience accumulating, processing, and sharing what’s in your brain.

I’ve written a detailed 2012 Year in Review using Evernote. However, some of it is very private, so below are snippets from each section (Highs, Lows, Conclusions, 2013 Plans).


  • Grew Hyperink to a team of 15 people and achieved cashflow profitability (unrelated events)
  • Visited Japan for the first time (2 weeks in Tokyo + Hakone in November)
  • Planned a Vegas bachelor party and was a groomsman for David and Khanh’s wedding
  • Reconnected with Dad, whom I haven’t seen in years
  • Sold Management Consulted to a great partner and long-term owner
  • Housed my teenage cousin Ray for a week
  • Began researching “How to live forever” and self-published a 100-page work-in-progress
  • Re-started long-form writing (through this site)


  • Took too many Vegas trips which were expensive and did not help me grow
  • [rest are redacted]


  • Amazing how little I remember of the year. Need a better way to track important events, mistakes, insights. A combination of Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter works but is insufficient. Stopped consistently using Everyday.me. More regular journaling in Evernote instead?
  • Japan was amazing. Huge difference between work travel (where focus was Powerpoint slides, and I only had weekend days to explore), and travel for travel’s sake. Travel is defined by the people you meet
  • Glad to be learning again, both formal (classes like Python bootcamp, Lynda) and informal (reading a book every month, adding diverse new RSS feeds)
  • Once again, realized the value of good, loyal friends. Appreciating and strengthening those relationships is key
  • I need to think in terms of 5-year plans, longer-term commitments, projects that help other people
  • I feel a kinship to Murakami in many ways – particularly his views on things like being alone, doing what you want, growing old. Some great quotes here

2013 plans

  • More “travel for the sake of travel” (like my Tokyo trip)
  • More learning – create a fun, measurable monthly learning plan
  • [rest are redacted]

And finally, some fun + powerful reads for you!


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