10 great articles – Kevin Kelly’s The Third Culture, Mark Manson on India, Jesse Plemons and more

Check out my new linkblog. It includes every article I’ve read in November, with highlights. It’s a neat conversion of my public Evernote notebook, and I’ll be using it to share what I’m reading.

Recommended reads:

  • Mark Manson (the PostMasculine guy) on happiness. Great insights
  • Reid Hoffman’s cups of water metaphor to understand business strategy
  • Buffer explains why 8-hour days are no longer relevant
  • These monks must complete a 1000-day, 7-year challenge which includes running 52 miles/day for 100 straight days. And if they fail? They commit suicide…
  • Mark on the chaos and poverty he experienced in India. Oddly, now I want to go
  • Kevin Kelly describes a third culture, driven by technology and not traditional science or art
  • How could I not include Murakami’s new short story? Here, his protagonist wakes up to discover he has become Kafka’s Gregor Samsa in a reverse-metamorphosis
  • Thanks to Dan, fascinating Reddit thread (among many)
  • Todd Alquist (played by Jesse Plemons) was one of the most interesting storylines from Breaking Bad’s final season
  • Reid Hoffman’s entire Series B fundraising deck for LinkedIn (which raised $10mm from Greylock); here are my notes

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